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What does the Baby class learn?
Our Baby Swimming Program is design to introduce your baby to water in a safe and fun environment. We stress safety as our utmost priority in our programs. In our baby programs there are elements of your baby essential development stages. We will update you periodically on your baby development and highlight areas that you might want to take note.
Here are some highlights of our program.
  1. Introduction of water to your baby
  2. Conditioning your baby to know that they are entering water.
  3. Parents learn to handle your child in water, so your child can learn safely and freely
  4. Teaching your child to return to safety on any accidental incidents.
  5. Allow your child to know basic safety guidelines.
  6. Improve your bath time with little or no struggle.
How long does each lesson last?
Each lesson is approximately 30mins. Lesson duration applies to all, unless under special circumstances.
No. students per class Duration Average Time for each Child per session
1 – 5 students 30 mins 6 mins
6 – 8 students 45 mins 5.6 mins – 7.5 mins
9 - 10 students 60 mins 6.7 mins – 6 mins
Special needs 45 mins NA
Our target is to be effective and efficient in our classes. In any cases, the class duration will be extended due to poor efficiency and effectiveness. We guarantee quality coaching performance.
When can my baby start lesson?
Your Baby can start swimming lesson at 1month old. However there are limited controlled swimming pools in Singapore, we advise all mothers who are interested should only start baby swimming lesson after baby is 6 months old. By then, baby should have most of the vaccination completed. Alternatively, we can arrange private classes to avoid infection.
Below is the advice from a Doctor.
In Summary,
  • Baby will fall ill after swimming in public pool
  • 3 months old baby will finish her 1st batch of vaccination and baby’s neck are stronger.
When can I take my baby swimming?
Last reviewed: March 2011
Dr Tan Siew Pin
Dr Tan Siew Pin is a paediatrician.
It may be wise to wait till your baby has had her first lot of vaccinations, which is about three months.
In my experience, I've seen many children falling ill after a swim in a public pool, especially when they've been in the baby pool.
At three months old, she would have completed her first batch of vaccinations and her neck control would be better as well.
Picking a suitable time to bring your baby to the pool is another important consideration. In our weather, try avoiding the mid-day period when it can be scorching hot. You may also prefer to go at a time when the pool isn't too crowded.
Ideally, go when the pool has been recently cleaned. While the chlorine in the water may kill off bacteria and viruses, it does not offer full protection.
If you intend to take your baby along to a swim lesson, keep in mind that certain swim schools do not accept babies until they're at least six months old. Call ahead and check with the respective schools on their age policy.
If you only intend to take your baby for quick dips, invest in some baby swim diapers to prevent accidents in the pool. Make the introduction to the water a fun and enjoyable experience for her, as she learns to be comfortable in the pool.
You can boost your baby's confidence in the water by keeping your face at eye level, maintaining eye contact and by smiling and talking reassuringly. Taking a familiar bath toy is a good idea as well.
Keep swimming times short at first and take your baby out if she starts to shiver, wrapping her up warmly. Avoid going swimming if your baby is unwell, too.
Don't forget sunblock for your baby as well, when you take her swimming.
Where do you conduct baby lesson?
All baby lessons are conducted at Ngee Ann Alumni Clubhouse, private condo pools and SELECTED public pools.
Here are some highlights of our program.
  • Delta Swimming Complex
  • Queenstown Swimming Complex
  • Bt Batok Swimming Complex
  • Yio Chu Kang Swimming Complex
  • Ang Mo Kio Swimming Complex
  • Valley Park Condo
  • Trillium Condo
  • Parvis @Holland Hill
  • Ridgewood Condo
  • Arc @ Tampines
Pools are selected based on 4 essential criteria. (STEP)
  • Spotlessness (Clean pool water)
  • Temperature (Water/ Land)
  • Environment (Spacious, baby friendly)
  • People (Low number of people)
When will my Baby Swim?
Many parents expect their babies to be able to swim soon after they are introduced to the water. It all depends on what is meant by swimming? While some infant move freely in water after just a few sessions, it is very rare that they become able to swim unaided to a target before entering their 2nd year. By focusing on enjoying being in water with your baby as your main goal, you avoid putting pressure on achievement and expecting quick result, both of which are often counter- productive. By practicing safe behavior baby will pick up and learn to respect the water and safe themselves.
Some parents are under the impression that their babies will float from birth; very few babies do, if any. Helping your baby to develop full buoyancy as he grows is part of the joy of swimming.
Do you have Trial lessons?
Usually we do not conduct any trial session. Because classes are disrupted whenever there are new students attend the classes.
We may arrange trial lessons, if we have a group of new students.
Trial lessons charges @$30
Is there any difference between Trial lessons and Normal swim packages lesson?
Trial lessons allow Students/parent to experience swimming lessons environment and gain trusting relationship between Student/Instructor. During the trial, instructor will task the student to perform some exercise for evaluation and sort out a suitable class for them.
Normal Swim packages lesson will be started with foundation depending on the packages. Baby programs will start by introducing water to them with play and songs. Toddler Paddler Programs will start with basic swimming techniques. Techniques include streamline, glide, back float and simple propulsion. Further classification may be neccessay after the first few lessons.
Can I change the trial sessions?
Unfortunately we cannot change the trial sessions.
Is there any Refund for Trial Sessions?
No refund for trial sessions. There are full refunds of the program fees if the student has not attended any trial session. This is applicable to beginning 2 lessons. After 2nd lessons, no refunds on the program sign up.
Is there any Refund for the programs, if we decided to pull out from the program?
Full Refund will be made, if you decide not to continue after 1st lesson. You are required to present your receipt for a Full Refund. No refund will be entertained after 2nd lesson.
What happens if it rain, child is sick or family going for holiday?
There will be no refund or replacement of classes due to situation we cannot control. Family going on holiday will be charged 50% of each prorated fees, except for those programs purchase as promotional rates. We have the right to give away swimming timing if fees were not paid completely.
We will do replacement class or rebate the fees if too many classes missing due to rain or other unforeseen circumstances.
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